Week 5 Reflection: A Blog About Blogging

This week’s lecture was about something I know a good deal about, but still need to learn a lot about: building and maintaining an internet presence.  I took quite a bit away from this lecture, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Frequency of posts

One thing I learned from Amy’s lecture was that I should blog as frequently as possible. This makes sense to me, because it gives readers more content to read, and it makes them more likely to come back. If I’m visiting a site that’s updated several times a day, I’m likely to visit it at least once per day. If I know a site isn’t updated more than once every two weeks, I’m rarely ever going to visit it.

One example of this is the NFL rumor/news site ProFootballTalk.com, a blog that is updated with a new post nearly every fifteen minutes during the day. Because I follow NFL news so closely, I usually have that site open in a tab at all times and refresh it often. Meanwhile, there was a music site I used to visit (I don’t even remember the name of it anymore) that started posting MP3s with continually less frequency. After about a month of not posting any new MP3s, they never received a visit from me again.


Another thing I learned is to always find some way to incorporate multimedia into my blog post. It gets the reader’s attention, and it makes the post more visually appealing. This is something that is extremely important, and I learned a lesson about its importance over the summer. I write for a blog called Xtrapointfootball.com, and one night I saw a breaking news story that a woman had complained because she saw Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger urinating on a golf course. After getting more information, I put together a blog post criticizing Roethlisberger, who was already the subject of sexual assault allegations twice in one year, for not understanding that his role in the spotlight as a celebrity limits what he can do in public. I was one of the first bloggers to get up a post about this incident, so when you searched “Roethlisberger” on Google, my article was the first on the results page because it was at the top of Google News results for Roethlisberger’s name.

Even though other articles went up and my article disappeared from the top of the list, the picture that my editor posted with the article was an excellent one, so the picture, which linked to my article, stayed up at the top of Google News well after the text link to my article had slipped from the top of the page. This brought us a ton of hits.

For this reason, whenever I write an article, I also make sure to find good pictures, because I know from experience that audiences love pictures.



About Hank Koebler, IV

Hank Koebler, IV is a convergence journalism major who plans on pursuing a career in sportswriting. He has covered high school football in the Houston area for Houston Community Newspapers, and has been writing for Xtrapointfootball.com since April of 2010.
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