Week 6 Reflection: Excited to Start Learning Video

This week we started what I’ve been looking forward to learning about most in J2150: video. I love challenges, and video is definitely going to be a challenge, because it combines all of the elements of journalism into one.

Of course, there’s the obvious: I have to figure out how to arrange my clips in a way to present a story, just like if I was writing a story after an interview. This is the area of journalism that I feel is my biggest strength. However, it is always still a challenge, because the way you arrange a story can make a difference between a good story and a seemingly pointless one.

There’s also the photography aspect. I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m not exactly a great photographer. When you get into video, that aspect gets even tougher, because you have to hold your shots, make sure you capture things while they’re moving, etc. This added complexity means that attention to detail is even more crucial when taking video than it is when taking a picture.

Audio is another aspect that could be challenging, but it’s something I found myself to be pretty good at doing. When I did my audio project last week, I felt like Audacity wasn’t that tough to use, and I feel like I did rather well at cutting the interview. Of course, I lacked ambient sound because when I was taking ambient sound of my subject putting her gun together, I thought I had hit record twice but it turned out I had only hit it once. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about this error until after I was already back at the dorm, and it was too late to go back to her cousin’s house to use the guns.

All in all, working with video is something that will be a major part of my life as I go through the Convergence sequence, and I’m embracing the challenge of embarking down this road.


About Hank Koebler, IV

Hank Koebler, IV is a convergence journalism major who plans on pursuing a career in sportswriting. He has covered high school football in the Houston area for Houston Community Newspapers, and has been writing for Xtrapointfootball.com since April of 2010.
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